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Many Obese People Don't Bother Issues

Now a day, our diet and its plan to eat is not proper which is causing diseases like cancer, heart problem and obesity. Many of the overweight and obese people are not consider their self that they have a major problem of obesity which is a serious issue, according to the latest research. For the confirmation of this research, experts collected data from 5000 people living in the United Kingdom and aged from 12 to 15 years old. Research asked them about their weight that whether they bother that they are having too much weight but they were living with normal life. Among those participants about 73 percent were normal weight but 20 percent having overweight and 7 percent were obese. Stranger thing is that 40 percent of the obese people said that they are living with normal weight and 0.4 percent had their idea that they are underweight.

About 80 percent of the people correctly identified their weight, 7 percent of people thought that they are overweight but 10 percent believed that they have very less weight and are very light. Women were observed too much conscious about their weight that they mostly think about their weight. Moreover a latest research revealed that many of the type of the cancer is happened due to the obesity like breast cancer, colon cancer and anal cancer etc. this study is also to ensure the actual weight of the normal people who think that they are overweight and left the proper diet plan due to obesity thinking. In this latest release people have to know about their body size and realistic view of their body weight, said Jane Wardle.

So, it is required to help the overweight people for reduction of their weight ad in this way they may spend a healthy life with the others. She added that this condition has to any answered that if the obese people have already enough knowledge about the obesity.

That many of the obese people go into their adult life with same problem and there is a possibility that they will lead to a serious problem of cancer due to this overweight problem. So it is important for obese people to change their diet plan and should pay a serious attention on this problem. These precautions can help the teenagers from any type of the cancer which can cause in adult age.

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