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Healthy Diet for a Healthy Living

The daily dietary constitution for an individual matters a lot on the later outcomes of the lifestyle especially in the Middle Ages and later old age. The choice of food and the alternation of the food choices all contribute to a dietary plan. There are several nutrients that constitute a diet. Of the many nutrients found in food, the nutrients can be categorized into two main categories;

  • Micro Nutrients; Nutrients needed by the body in small quantities.
  • Macronutrients; Nutrients needed by the body in large quantities.

The nutrientproportion in the food determines the final effect on the body. Essentially, there are those nutrients that should always be included in the diet regardless of the time the meal is taken. Variation of the amount of food only comes in with the amount and time. Maintaining a healthy diet can be through observation of the following;


This constitutes the energy powerhouse in the food. Carbohydrates are good for taking when headed on a heavy duty or when about to work out. This means that they are best for diet when served for breakfast in plenty for people who work during the day or for lunch. To most people, night time is usually time to rest. This makes it inappropriate to take carbohydrates for supper since they are not fully used when the body is at rest.


Proteins should be found in at least each meal you take at any time of the day. Proteins take part in the repair of body tissues as well as for the development of certain tissues in the developing children. They are mostly found in the vegetables, fruits and wholesome foods such as milk and eggs. Proteins do not have a limit in time of the day when they should be taken. It is however recommended that their amount of intake be regulated to be in proportion with vitamins.


Different vitamins have different roles in a healthy human living. From the contribution to vision to bone and teeth development and clotting systems vitamins are essential on a diet although in small quantities. Their intake coupled with other nutrients contributes to the essential nutritional requirements for a healthy living.

Food Sources

It is relatively challenging to get a single meal with a single nutrient. Similarly, it is hard to get a single food with proportional nutrients required by the body all in that one food. This difference, therefore, necessitates the need for meals with nutritional proportions that fit the requirements of the body. Choice of food needs wise selection to ensure a balanced nutritional constitution that matches the body requirements. At any point, any meal taken should always be accompanied by vegetables on the plate. Major meals should have at least more than half of the meals vegetables then the other part grains or cereals and their products. Fruit desserts are highly encouraged. Too much fat predisposes one to conditions such as cancer, hypertension and many other medical conditions that take long to manage.

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