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All about Obesity and It's Causes

We all know that trend of food has changed from past few decades and now people take more interest in junk food like Pizza, cheeseburger, French fries and cold drinks. The use of such kind of foods, People move towards the obesity problem as such foods decreases the metabolism rate. It means that food will take more time to digest completely. Besides this, such foods directly increase the weight of body as they contain high amount of fats and carbohydrates which are unhealthy if taken in excess. Moreover, many health problems such as diabetes, ulcer, and blood pressure are directly linked to the eating habit of a person. So if we want to decrease the obesity rate, then we will have to change our diet plan completely. Trend of using cold coke instead of water is also increasing very rapidly in America. Cold coke contains high amount of sugar which not only increase the sugar level of blood but also increase the fat which make the user fat. One can try to overcome the obesity problem by increasing the use of water and decreasing the use of cold drinks.

Another problem with most of the People is the laziness. They try to move on vehicles even when they are going somewhere near to their home or office. Besides this, they do not go for morning walk regularly which is very important for a healthy life. Moreover, they do not take fresh fruits and vegetables and prefer to drink juices. According to the doctors, a healthy person should take five different kinds of fruits and vegetables in a day. These all things are some of those factors which are usually not considered by common people but they really affect the healthy life of a person.

Every person is adopting the new life style in which people love to eat junk food every time. They do not give importance to healthy food and keep enjoy the unhealthy diet with their friends. Such people should change their living life style, and should take a healthy diet recommended by the expert doctor. Besides this, it is important to explain why people eat too much food and how they can stop eating too much. Many people think that eating too much does not lead to obesity, but they could be wrong. How People can really wish to have a life without obesity? This is an important question and many experts are still wondering for its best answer. For now, they only suggest a low-carbohydrate and low-fat diet to all people. Following this suggestion, many people will certainly reduce their weight, if they are fat, and will remain fit and active for their daily routine. Another good recommendation is to drop the federal government’s dietary guidelines because following it will also give arise to obesity. In fact, federal government should make new guidelines for the people which are effective against obesity. For this purpose, they should take help from experts and professional doctors. In such a way, they will be able to provide a good dietary chart which will directly decrease the obesity from People.

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